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What You Can Do


In this last week and final push in the legislature we are asking that you go online and make donations to IDAF.  This battle is not over.


There are ongoing costs, including lobbying teams, and your donation is urgently needed. IDAF does not receive funds except for contributions of a few groups through fund-raising and through individuals who understand what it takes to keep interior design regulated.

Please donate as much as you can…every dollar counts this week.

IDPC, NKBA, and the Institute for Justice are throwing cash at this legislation, and we need to fund our effort.
There remains an opportunity to try to stop deregulation in Florida. Both IIDA and ASID are asking their Florida Members to reach out TODAY to encourage the Florida Senate to fully consider HB 5005.
Please take a moment TODAY to email your State Senator and Senate President Haridopolos with the following message:
Senator ____,
HB 5005 was not vetted in any Senate committee and as such, no proper debate was held in any Senate committee as to whether Registered Interior Designers should be deregulated. As a result of untended consequences I will no longer be able to sign and seal documents.  I’ve had intensive schooling and paid a lot of money for this privilege. If HB 5005 passes as is, I will lose my signing and sealing privileges, affecting both my business and my livelihood.
Your Name
Your Address

In order to contact your Senator, please go to and type in your address or zip code.

Senate President Haridopolos may be contacted at

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