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TJNG Partners has elected to advise this independent blogger to delete Ms. Kennedy’s email which was posted to the blog last week regarding Burby & Associates, Inc.’s funded campaign to deregulate the profession of interior design, in response to a letter threatening litigation from The Parrish Law Firm, Burby’s lawyer, which is below. We do not believe that we did anything wrong, and our legal counsel believes that we are protected by applicable law including without limitation the First Amendment and political activity exception to the Sherman Antitrust Act, however, we do not want to be sued. We have not conspired against Mr. Burby, and we do not know any others who have, but by posting the letter here, we are complying with its request that we advise anyone who has conspired against him to cease and desist.

Jennifer Nichols Kennedy, LEED AP, AAHID
partner+interior designer
TJNG Partners

link to Cease and Desist letter

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  1. Registered Florida Interior Designer permalink

    In complying with the cease and desist request, and at the request of Ms. Kennedy, the administrators of this blog have removed the previously posted email from Mr. B (as he has been referred to by IDPC.) We have also removed all comments from this post to protect the designers who have personally opted to work with dealers who support continued interior design regulation.

    Though the personal decision of individuals to comment on this blog was not the result of any conspiracy by any cartel, we do not wish the designers who expressed their First Amendment rights to be at risk of litigation.

    It just simply isn’t worth it.

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